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Stephen Clarke

Joined on 1-Nov-06
Last activity 1 Week Ago
Country: Australia
State: New South Wales
Postcode: 2304
Key Details
Musical Level: Advanced
Professional: Semi
Instruments: Voice/Singer, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Brass
Activities: Rhythm/Chords, Lead/Improvisation, Music Composition, Lyric Writing
Musical Bio

Guitarist, singer and songwriter since the early 80's.

My primary area of musical interest is jazz, progressive rock or any other music which aspires to produce sophisticated and original harmony.

I'm a firm believer in the power of music to enrich life.

Since age six, I've always had a hunger for new music, and the songs I have discovered have become the soundtrack of my life, each one attaching itself firmly to the situation where I first heard it.

I have been influenced by so many great musicians, but there are a few I have appreciated deeply over the years, and whose work has been a beatiful gift in some difficult times.

Roughly in reverse order, these are:
Bill Douglas; Pat Metheny (and group); Tom Waits; Janis Ian; Enya; Mike Oldfield; Alan Parsons Project.

Title Published Dnlds Rating
Be Still My Child 27-Nov-07 151
Making Hay in Sunshine 27-Nov-07 68
Angel's Advice 27-Nov-07 68
Handle With Care 27-Nov-07 71
When My Ship Comes In 30-Mar-11 38
Shinytown 30-Mar-11 34
Oceans Of Samsara 30-Mar-11 72
Signature On My Heart 30-Mar-11 56
Song Tricks 11-Nov-11 159




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