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Hello from lisarock

Hi my name is Lisa and I'd like to learn how to read music, develop technique, and understand music theory.  When I was little I was fortunate enough to have violin and piano lessons-but unfortunately I never learned how to read music, not was I a very good student in general. (My parents had to bug me to practice, and I usually did a less than diligent job at it).  Years later I discovered I had a learning disability and this is part of the reason learning how to play and understand music has been difficult for me.  Now as an adult I would like to achieve what I could never as a child.  I am willing and able to practice.  One thing that I find frustrating where music theory is concerned is that it seems like each music website has their way of teaching music theory.  Thus, keys and their corresponding scales are often presented in a variety of order, depending on the website.  This makes it hard for me to organize the material in a way that makes sense to me.  I'm waiting for the "intuitive" part of my brain to click on understanding what's going on with the notes, but so far this isn't happening.  I started to look at the "circle of 5ths" but only understand it vaguely.  Any support on these aforementioned matters would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you.  Sincerely, Lisa

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