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24-Aug-09 04:17

How to get Songtrix to control your VST instruments

I just wanted to share how to make Songtrix control your VSTi synths. As there is no VSTi nor Rewire support in Songtrix I've been looking for a work-around and this is what my set up looks like:

Songtrix set to send on a virtual midi port on Maple Virtual midi cabel Midi Yoke or Hubi Midi driver will also do.

VSTHost from is then set up to host your VSTi's. Select midi channel filter as is suits you.

As I've not found a way to control the output level in VSTHost added a fader VST in the case the VSTi doesn't have a volume control (I have a few of those cases) from  

As I have't got the multiple ins to work in VSTHost I use the single fader toute seule VST

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All software listed above is free!

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And by using Bidule from you could probably hook up Songtrix to Reason, although I havn't tried it yet.

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I got this to work using my favorit sequencer Temper by !!!

I just create tracks with Temper with the desired VSTi's and the set the input for each track to midi maple port used by Songtrix and filter to one midi channel.... done.

Filtering Program change is also useful when not using a standard GM set-up.

It's then really easy to import the midi file from Songtrix when finishing the song adding tracks etc as all the tracks are already there including any fx you've added to the synths.

Works to using Energy XT.

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Hello ZooTooK,

I'm also fan of Temper. I've just started to put my mind in Songtrix.

The Virtual midi cable I'm using is LoopMidi.

Have you got a VSTI or SF2 to propose me to try, to play the drums ?

And any tips to  properly set Songtrix and Temper are welcome.

Thanks. WavyTone.

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