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13-Feb-06 16:34

I like the easy way I can input from my keyboard

There isnt realy a "What I like about ..." forum.  So I'll put this here.

I have tried numerous sequencer programs.  I admit I am impatient and don't like to have to read a book in order to do something simple.  I found what I thought to be the simplest things almost impossible to figure out.

So far, even tho I ask some stupid questions, I have found SongTrix to be VERY friendly.

Today I discovered how easy it was to input from a keyboard.  Wow!

This tool has so much potential for easy song writing.  

I hope I can figure out a way to make templates from all the Song Styles in Jammer for Windows (sort of like Band in a box, but more complicated).  I have had jammer for years, and if I had time and patience I could learn all its features, but I have neither.  

So far, though, Songtrix, has been simple enough that a noob like me could use it.  I am sure my kids 10 and 7 can even use it.  Simple interface, yet the song writing potential is enormous.

Sure glad I get to help beta test it.

Comment 1-Mar-06 00:32


David Rigby

Can Support explain how to input from a keyboard.

Comment 1-Mar-06 12:08


ChordWizard Support

You can use a standard MIDI keyboard hooked up to the MIDI In port of your computer.  Select the MIDI In device in Options-Workspace-MIDI Setup.

Then highlight the segment or track you want to record to and select Segment-Record.  

You can record to chord, scale, melodic, rhythm and drum segments.  For chord and scale segments, it's a simple case of capturing the notes on the keyboard that you press.  For the others you start the recording process and record along with the playback.

Have a try, and let me know if you have more specific questions.

Comment 11-Apr-06 21:49



Hello from France

Please  add an function for input the note in the staff ..for me is difficult input the note in the piano-roll

Comment 17-Apr-06 14:11


ChordWizard Support

We will be adding staff notation as a printing facility and possibly during playback, but it's unlikely that we will be using staff as an input method in Songtrix in the near future.  

This is because there are some serious limitations on staff notation as an interface:

1. Can't specify position or length of notes down to the exact tick.  You are limited to the quantum sizes available in staff, eg. quarter-note, dotted eighth-note, eighth-note etc.  This means the music you input will sound very mechanical.  Whereas with piano roll in Songtrix, you can use Snap To Grid to get the same effect, but you can also give notes at a precise position and length which you can see on screen.

2.  Same applies to velocity.  Staff does not represent the strength of individual notes, so the music you input this way will have no expression.  With pianoroll in Songtrix, the velocity is clearly shown by the darkness of the events.

3.  Staff notation can only represent Major scale harmony (ie. music based on scales Major, Dorian, Phrygian and so on).  Other scale types require the constant use of accidentals, and would make useful features like the Songtrix scale guidelines in melody tracks very difficult to follow.

4.  Staff notation would not work at all for the Rhythm track or Drum track.

Pianoroll is actually a very flexible and convenient way of entering music.  You might find it more comfortable if you persevere with it.  But we will be adding a staff printing facility so that you can view the music you have entered or recorded in this standard format.

Comment 10-May-17 16:26


Four Times

Hello, can i write on the staff on the melody part?

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