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Publications are songs and styles that ChordWizard Network members have uploaded for public access.  Any member can publish the work that they have created with Songtrix.

You can download these files with a standard browser, but it's easier to login to Network View within Songtrix (including the free Bronze Edition) and download them directly into the workspace for viewing, playing and printing.

Publication Types

Type Description Publications Updated
Songs ChordWizard Song files published by members and available for download. 321 16-Jan-18 View
Styles ChordWizard Style files published by members and available for download. 3 30-Nov-11 View

The ChordWizard file format and the ChordWizard Network work together to provide much greater security than other formats such as midi files.

A range of security features are possible, including encryption and password protection; selective lockdown of editing, copying, printing and exporting; and an embedded link back to the ChordWizard Network member who published the work.

Latest Publications

Publication Member Type Published Dnlds Rating
trynew wavytone Song 16-Jan-18 2 (none)
06302017A Ejeff Song 1-Jul-17 16
Dino_87_Foglio_0+01_brano_35 vito Song 28-Mar-17 31
Dino_86_Foglio_6_Valzer vito Song 28-Mar-17 7 (none)
Dino_85_Foglio_13 vito Song 28-Mar-17 4 (none)
Tribal_funeral vito Song 22-Mar-17 10 (none)
84_Periodo di un breve motivetto da operetta sul genere patriotic vito Song 22-Mar-17 6 (none)
Dino_28_Canzoncina_da_batticuore1 vito Song 20-Mar-17 9


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